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To Accountants

Dear Sirs,
If you are running out of capacity between now and January – I believe that I can help you with the service you offer.
I would like to introduce myself to you. My name is Barbara Westmore and I offer a bookkeeping service to accountants in local areas.
I have over 7 years bookkeeping experience working with small clients and incomplete records up to TB. My clients are mostly Polish sole traders and I still have capacity to work as subcontracted bookkeeper for local accountants. I am sure that my own goals would not come into conflict with yours.
I could work alongside you as an independent bookkeeper, be responsible for my own work and with the possibility of referrals both ways. I can also work for you as ‘back office’ bookkeeper helping you with a service which you offer to your clients.
As an independent bookkeeper I do believe I offer work to the highest possible standard so the practitioner receives working papers usually to ETB with full journals – in other words around 95% ready to input. The only outstanding queries are when I have asked the client min. 4 times and not received an answer. I supply draft tax compilation as well. You would also receive my comments about any salient changes to the business structure during the year. Anything I would have to estimate would be clearly marked and stated for your approval. I am using SAGE line 50 and QuickBooks but I am opened to any system that your firm or client prefers.
Having a good and reliable bookkeeper can be a bonus for a firm of accountants. If you ‘place ‘ me at a clients and I do a good job I enhance your reputation. Also as and when I pick up my own work I can be a source of referral for your firm.
I offer my experience, turnaround time, and accuracy. I am fully self sufficient, focussed and dedicated with my work. I am fully qualified bookkeeper , a fellow member of the International Association of Bookkeepers and an authorised HMRC agent.
I would like to telephone your office in a few days to arrange an appointment to discuss our mutual cooperation if you are interested.
Please do not hesitate to call me iff you have any questions regarding the service I am offering.
Yours sincerely

Barbara Westmore
Abacus-4-u Bookkeeping and Accounts